In this article you read about the two different tasks that belong to the Healthspace administration: inviting clients and staff members to the Healthspace and arranging the Healthspace. 

1. Inviting clients and staff members 

This explanation is meant for assistants that can give clients and staff members access to the Healthspace and for self-employed healthcare providersAre you a clinician at a healthcare organization and do you want to invite a client and/or add a connection with a client? Then click here.


In Karify you can invite clients and staff members to join the Healthspace. New users can first create a Karify account via this invitation. You can send an invitation as follows:

  1. Click on Admin settings in the left menu:

  1. Click on Send invitation and choose between Invite a client or Invite a staff member.

  2. Enter the first name, surname, e-mail address and identification number of the client or staff member.

             Invite a client

  1. Clients can only communicate online with healthcare providers with whom they have a connection. When sending the invitation, you can already create one or more connection(s) for the client by clicking on + add connections. Click on the name of the employee(s) with whom you want to create a connection and click on Save.

  2. If desired, you can already schedule an online treatment module for the client. After accepting the invitation, the client can immediately start using it. To do this, click on + add parts.

    Invite a staff member

  3. A staff member can only communicate online with clients with whom he/she has a connection. When     sending the invitation, you can already create one or more connection(s) for the staff member by clicking on + add connections. Click on the name of the client(s) with whom you want to create a connection and click on Save.

  4. When inviting a staff member, you can allocate one or several roles to him/her in Karify. The role determines what the staff member has access to in Karify and what functionalities he/she has. Read more about roles here.

  5. Click on Invite client or Invite staff member to send the invitation. The user receives the invitation by e-mail.

Open invitations

After sending the invitation, the client receives an e-mail at the entered address. In the Open invitations tab you can withdraw the invitation or send a reminder. A reminder will be sent automatically after 3 and 7 days. If you withdraw an invitation, the sent invitation is no longer valid.

2. Setting up the Healthspace

Your Healthspace is the business card of your practice or institution. You can design the Healthspace yourself in your own style, provided you have the proper rights to do so. This explanation is intended for Healthspace administrators and independent healthcare providers.

Under Admin settings -> Settings you find different tabs for designing the Healthspace:

  • General. Here you can set up general details of the Healthspace, such as the name and language of the Healthspace. You can also choose to display a general description and your range of offered treatments on the login page. Finally you can choose how clients can register to your Healthspace. 

  • Appearance. Here you can customize the design of the Healthspace, such as the logo, background image and house style colors.

  • Features. Some functionalities are installed  in your Healthspace by default. Here you can set up which functionalities you want to use by clicking Enable or Disable.

    Is a desired functionality missing? Then send a ticket to our Help desk via this portal (Ask a question). 

  • User data. Here you can determine what information is requested from clients and staff members when they first enter the Healthspace. Here you simply tick which information you would like collect.

  • Address and Opening hours. Change the visiting address of your organization/institution here. This address will be displayed on the login page of your Healthspace. You can also show the opening hours of your organization/institution.

  • Exports. Here you will find a number of data exports with general management information from this Healthspace.