In Karify you can treat your clients online. You can schedule loose assignments and/or a complete treatment module for your clients. Your clients see these assignments on their Dashboard in Karify, where they can read and make the assignment. 

Scheduling an assignment or treatment module for a client. 

  1. Click in the left menu on Clients

  2. Click on the name of the client for whom you want to schedule an assignment. You now open the clients record. 
    You can also use the search option in the navigation bar to seek a client and to navigate to his/her online record. 

  3. Click on the plus-sign to open the planner:

  4. Click on the title of a module or assignment to view the content. The preview shows you exactly what the clients will also get to see. 

  5. To schedule an assignment/treatment module for a client, click on the plus-sign next to the title: illustratie klaarzetten opdracht planner

  6. The item now appears below the planner in the Staging area. The item has not been scheduled yet. Click on the down facing arrow to schedule the assignment. 
    Did you change your mind? Click on the bin icon.

The item is now scheduled. Your client will find the scheduled items on his/her Dashboard and can start working on them. 

Checking the assignment status 

You can check if the assignment has been scheduled correctly by navigating to Clients and clicking on the name of the concerning client. Here you will see an overview of all the assignments/treatment modules that have been scheduled for this client. 

An assignment can have different statuses. Look at the circle left from the assignment:

  • An open circle means the assignment has not yet been opened. 
  • A quarter filled circle means the assignment has been opened. 
  • A three-quarter filled circle means the assignment has been opened and altered/saved.
  • A filled circle with check mark means the assignment has been submitted. 
  • a circle with exclamation mark means the assignment has not been opened and has expired

Providing feedback  

As clinician, you can give feedback on assignments. You can even give feedback before the client has submitted the assignment. You can for instance provide the client with hints or instructions. Go to the client record (Clients -> Name of client) and click on the assignment in the assignment overview. On the right you can type your feedback. 

When a client submits assignments, you can find these assignments back under the tab Finished assignments. Also here you can provide the assignments with feedback. 
Want to know more about feedback? Click here