For each Healthspace you can find a list of Contacts. This list exists of employees from your healthcare provider with whom you have a connection within the Healthspace. Here you can also see whom of your contacts has access to your Karify record.  


Per Healthspace you find an oversight of all your contacts within that Healthspace. First go to the specific Healthspace via My Healthspaces. Then click on Contacts

What form of contact can I have with my contacts?

All your contact in Karify can:

  • exchange online messages with you

  • exchange documents  in the form of message attachments with you  

Some contacts can, on top of that, have access to your Karify record. This is indicated by a check mark under Health record access in the list of contacts. 



Contacts with access to your record can: 

  • set up online assignments for you

  • view the assignments that you handed in and potentially give feedback on these assignments

  • read communication between you and your other contacts in the Healthspace

  • video call with you (provided that this options is available) 

Do you want to know what access to your health record entails and what consequences it has for your personal data? Read the article Who is able to read my record?


Add or remove contacts 

You automatically receive an email notification when a contact is added to or removed from your list of contacts. You cannot add or remove contacts yourself. Would you like a connection with a clinician or do you disagree with a connection with you made? Then seek contact with your healthcare provider.