When you receive a new message in Karify, a (push)notification can be shown on your phone. You can choose whether you want to receive any notification on your phone, and how they are shown. For example, you can choose to receive a push notification, but not show the sender's name or any of the content.

In Android, you can enable and disable the notifications all together through the settings in the app. Move the slider to enable or disable the notifications. 

If you want to receive the notifications, but want to hide the sender and the content, you can set this up in your phone settings. For more information about showing/hiding notifications on an Android phone, please visit the support page of Google.

In the iOS version of the app, it is not possible to manage any notification settings in the app itself. This is all managed in your phone settings. Please visit the Apple support page for more information about setting up your notifications.  

The settings for the email notifications from Karify can only be changed in the web application. Please read this article for more information about the email notifications.