If you are temporarely unable to respond to messages, for instance when you're on holiday or on a leave, it's possible to set up an away notice. This way you can easily let your contacts know that you are (temporarely) unavailable, even before they send you a message. 

Setting up an Away notice 

  • Click on your profile picture/ name
  • Go to My account
  • Go to Away notices 

It is possible to set up an different away notice per Healthspace.

As long as the away notice is switched on, your contacts will see the notice once they try to write you a message.

The away notices can not be automatically switched on or off on certain dates. However, when you log in, you will be reminded of the fact that the away notice is switched on, so you can switch it off manually. 

Through the link in that reminder or under My profile you can switch off the away notice.