When you plan an assignment or treatment module for your patient, it appears on the Dashboard for the Healthspace.

Submitted assignments The patient can see their completed assignments under My Record.

You can find submitted assignments by navigating to the patient record. Next to the Treatment heading are the planned and completed assignments.

My patient has found the Healthspace, but cannot find any assignments Check whether you actually planned the assignment for the particular patient. It is possible that you have staged the assignment, but have not planned it.

Check whether or not you have planned the assignment in the same Healthspace where the patient is logged in. You can identify the Healthspace by the logo and name in the top of the window. You can navigate to another Healthspace by clicking the Healthspaces button.

It is also possible that an assignment is not visible to patients because the internet browser version is too old. In this case, update your internet browser. 

If your patient still cannot find the assignments, please contact us at support@karify.com.