In Karify, roles determine what a staff member can do in Karify. For every role, different features are available. This article described the different roles and role-specific features.


The owner can configure the settings of the healthcare organization in My Organization. Also, the owner has rights to manage the Healthspace settings and the Healthspace Library.


Assistants manage the user profiles in the Healthspace. An assistant can invite staff members or patients to the Healthspace and manage their roles. Also, assistants receive e-consults from patients.


Clinicians can access the records of the patients they are connected to. Clinicians can schedule assignments and treatment packages for the patients. They cannot add or remove connections to other users.

Clinicians who manage their own connections

Clinicians who can manage their own connections to patients are able to access the records of the patients they are connected to. They can schedule assignments and treatment packages for the patients and add or remove their own connections.

Clinicians who can invite his/her own clients

The clinician can invite his/her own patients and can set up a connection with his/her patient when sending the invitation. The clinician can not set up invitations or connections with other patients and clinicians. To create a connection between other clinicians and patients, please use the Assistant role. 


The administrator can manage the settings of the Healthspace. The administrator can also manage the items in the Library.

Library manager

Users with the role of Library manager can add, remove or change items in the library.

How can I change the roles of staff members?

The administrator, assistant or owner of the Healthspace can adjust the roles of the staff members. In the Healthspace, click the Admin button:

If you click Staff members -> Active members, you see a list of all staff members who have access to the Healthspace.

To view the roles of a staff member, click the name of the staff member. 

Here you can also choose whether the staff member should be visible on the login page. For more information about staff member visibility, please read this article.