How do you connect with a patient in Karify? What do you do if you can’t find a patient in Karify or want to connect another clinician? This article describes creating connections in Karify.

To access a patient’s record, you need to create a connection with that patient. You can only connect to patients who are members of your Healthspace and if you must have the required role in Karify. If you do not have the required role to connect to patients, contact the administrator of your Healthspace.

It depends on the roll your account has if you can add a connection to a patient yourself. 

1. Assistant

2. Clinician with permission to add connections

3. Clinician without permission to add connections

1. Assistant

Verify that you are in the right Healthspace by checking the logo on the top left of the window. If you are in the wrong Healthspace, click Healthspaces at the top of the screen and navigate to the desired Healthspace.

Click Admin in the navigation bar.


Click Patients to create connections for patients. Click Staff to create connections for clinicians.


Next, click [x] connection(s) on the right side of your patient/staff member. Here you can select the people that you want to connect this member to.

Click Save to confirm the connection.

2. Clinician with permission to add connections

After clicking the Clients button, you see a list of all your patients. These are the patients you are connected to.


If you have the permission to make connections yourself, you see Manage connections.

A list of all patients who are members of the Healthspace displays. Here you can add and remove connections.

3. Clinician without permission to add connections

If you don't see Admin in the navigation bar and/or the Manage connections option under Clients, you don't have the permission to add connections. You can then ask an assistent or administrator to add a connection for you.

Problem: I can’t find my patient

It is possible that your patient is not yet a member of the Healthspace. If you are an assistant or administrator of the Healthspace, you can check this using the following steps. Contact your administrator if you need access to this feature.

Click Admin.


Under Admin, go to the Clients tab. If you cannot find your patient under Active Members or Tasks, he or she is not a member of this Healthspace.


Check whether the patient has been invited to the Healthspace by clicking Open Invitations.


  1. If your patient has not yet been invited to the Healthspace, click Send Invitation to invite the patient to the Healthspace.
  2. If your patient has been invited using the wrong email address, click Withdraw Invitation and send your patient a new invitation using the correct email address.
  3. If your patient has been invited using the correct email address but has not accepted the invitation, he or she receives an automated email reminder after three days and again after seven days. Of course you can also send them your own reminder at any time. Contact your patients if they still have not responded after reminders should have been received.