In Karify you can start the videoconversation by clicking Start. After that, your patient is invited to join the video conversation. The patient cannot start the video conversation with you. How does the patient open the video conversation that you started?

Three ways to open the conversation

When you started the video conversation, the patient is offered three ways to join the conversation.

  1. A notification bar with a link to open the video conversation.


  1. A button appears on the Dashboard of your patient.


  1. Your patient receives an email with a link to the conversation.


The video conversation

When the video conversation is opened, the patient sees the same windows as the clinician.

In the first window, the patient is not immediately visible to the clinician. In this window, the patient can check the position of the screen and verify the sound quality of the microphone. The patient also has to give the browser permission to use the camera and microphone. To read more about giving the browser permission to use the camera and microphone, please read this article.


After the patient gives the browser permission to use the camera and microphone, the video conversation starts. Both the clinician and the patient are able to end the video conversation by clicking the End conversation button in the bottom of the window.