In Karify you can video call your patients in a secured environment. Is the video conversation saved?

Direct connection

Your video conversation is not saved on a server. The conversation between you and your patient takes place directly from browser to browser. A browser is an internet program that you use to view web pages. The supported browsers are Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox. By using a direct connection, the video conversation cannot be intercepted by others and is a safe way of video calling.


Registration of the video conversation in Karify

The video conversation is not recorded or registered in Karify. Neither the clinician nor the patient can review the conversation at another time or record it on their computer. Only the date, time, and duration of the video conversation is registered in Karify.

You can find video conversation history by navigating to the patient record. If you click on the Video conversations folder in the left menu, you get an overview of all of that patient’s conversations.

Duration of the video conversation

The duration of the video conversation is calculated from the moment the Start video conversation button is pushed until the patient or clinician pushes the End conversation button and the connection is terminated. The registered duration includes the time it takes to start the conversation and the conversation itself.