The client record contains personal information about the patient. You can see their scheduled assignments and plan a new treatment module. Clients can keep and manage their medical information in their record such as referrals from general practitioners, an X-Ray, or links to useful websites. Clients can determine whether to keep this information private or share it with their clinicians in the Healthspace.  

Client information 
You can access the personal information of patients that you are connected to, such as name, date of birth, and patient ID.

Next to the heading Treatment you can see which assignments are planned for the patient. You can see their progress status, view the completed assignments, and give feedback. Do you want to know more about planning a treatment? Read the article Online treatment.

Here you can find the conversations between you and your patient.

Patients can keep their medical information in their record. For each document the patient can determine whether to share it with others or not. Patients can organize their files with “Life events” such as “Pregnancy” or “Graduation”. Whenever a patient shares a file with you, you receive a notification.

You can add a note to the client record for yourself or your colleagues. All clinicians with access to the client record can read the note. The client can not see this note in his/her Karify account. At the moment, it's not possible to edit or delete dossier notes. 

Video conversations
If the video conversation feature is enabled for the online environment (Healthspace), you will see a Video conversation tab in the client record with the date/time and duration of the video conversations with this client. The content of the conversations is not recorded.