To provide care in Karify, you first need a Karify account. With your Karify account you can become member of one or several online treatment environments (Healthspaces). Once you have an account and you are member of the Healthspace, you can log in to this secured online treatment environment. 

An account as clinician within the Healthspace
You can ask the owner or administrator of the Healthspace or someone from the secretariat/administration to invite you to the 
Healthspace. You will receive an email invitation to the Healthspace. Via the link in this invitation (Join) you can create a new account (if you don't have an account yet) or log in with your existing credentials to join the Healthspace (if you already have an account).

If your healthcare organization does not own a Karify Healthspace yet, you can sign up for a free trial or contact us at

You have received an email invitation to join a Healthspace. What now? 

I do not have a Karify account yet

Step 1: Click on Join in the invitation.

Step 2: Some personal details will be requested, such as your email address. We consider your mailbox to be a safe place, in which you can receive a password when you forget your old one. On this email address you can also receive notifications of activities within Karify. 

Your password must contain the following:

  • eight characters

  • a minimum of one upper case letter

  • at least one special character

Step 3: Accept the Terms and conditions by clicking Register.

Step 4: N.B:  To confirm your account an e-mail is sent to your personal e-mail address. Click the link Confirm your email address in the email. 

Now you have a Karify account and you are member of the Healthspace. You can start!

I already have a Karify account

If you already have a Karify account, then you can easily become member of (new) Healthspaces with this existing account. If you received an invitation for a Healthspace per mail, you accept this invitation as follows:  

  • Step 1: Click in the invitation on the link Join

  • Step 2: Click on the left on LOG IN under the question Already have a Karify account? 

  • Step 3: Log in with your existing Karify credentials. 

Now you are member of the Healthspace. You can start!