There are 3 ways to navigate to your Healthspace:

  1. Log in to the URL (web address) of the Healthspace
    You can ask your clinician for the web address. Sometimes a link to the Healthspace is also available on the website of your healthcare provider.

  1. Log in to
    Go to and log in using your username and password. If you click on the Dashboard you will see which Healthspace you are a member of. Click on the name of the particular Healthspace to navigate to it.

  1. Click on Healthspaces

Log in to the Healthspace or

Click the Healthspaces button. 

Now you see an overview of the Healthspaces you are a member of. 

If there are no Healthspaces available, you are not yet a member of a Healthspace. Please contact your healthcare provider or

Problems logging in? Please read the article “I’m not able to log in”.